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Gagal 2 years ago
i think memes are memetastiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic
Taulkree 2 years ago
So blessed this movie has eventually been featured! @TallBlonde_faffef
Kazinos 2 years ago
Hey Director! STFU. Hey Editor! edit stupid fucks voice out. There's a thing called 'Mood', hearing some dumbassed dudes voice in the middle of two hot chicks sucking face kinda RUINS said mood. I understand these things aren't Hollywood mega-blockbusters, but attempt and have a bit more pride.
Shakagul 2 years ago
I went to school with a girl named Michael but she pronounced her name Mish-a-Elle.
Goktilar 2 years ago
Hola muГ±equita k ermosa eres